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A criminal history or record can affect many aspects of your life. It can limit job opportunities, hinder professional licensing and affect child custody proceedings. It is a public record accessible by employers, neighbors, colleagues and potential clients or customers.

Your record does not have to be a permanent problem. I can help you clear your criminal record through a process called expungement.

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Five Things You Need To Know About Expungements

The most important thing you need to know about the expungement process is that it is complex and constantly changing. You should always consult an experienced lawyer. Below are answers to five questions you might have about expungements.

  1. What is on my criminal record? Your criminal record is your documented history with law enforcement, which means it includes information about arrests, whether criminal charges were filed and the disposition of the charges. Yes, this includes information about an arrest that never resulted in charges or charges that were dropped.
  2. Does expungement erase my record? The incident happened. You cannot change that, but an expungement allows you to limit who can access the information. For example, a person searching public records would not find the information and it would be illegal for a prospective employer to ask about any records that have been expunged.
  3. Do all arrests or convictions qualify? No. Indiana law makes some offenses ineligible for expungement, such as convictions for violent crimes.
  4. Does timing matter? Yes. Information about an arrest or conviction becomes eligible for expungement only after a statutory period of time that depends on the disposition and the type or level of offense. For instance, you must wait eight years after completing all sentencing requirements before you can have certain felony offenses expunged.
  5. Can I file for expungement more than once? No. You can apply to have several arrests or convictions expunged at the same time, but you can only file once in your lifetime.

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