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The consequences of being found guilty of a criminal offense are serious. You may face incarceration, steep fines, and the loss of your right to drive and carry a firearm. Employers interviewing you will want an explanation for your conviction. You may even lose access to your own children.

To avoid these negative consequences, you want to hire the best lawyer you can, one who is experienced in criminal defense and knows the local courts.

Knowledgeable Dubois County Traffic Violations Lawyer

With offices in the center of Jasper, Indiana, Timothy Demotte has successfully defended over 1,000 individuals in the same situation you face right now. We invite you to contact him at 812-482-6313 or toll free at 877-617-7814.

Defending Against OWI/DWI/DUI And Drug Charges

When I take a criminal case I have three goals, from most preferable to least.

First, I seek to have the charges dismissed. This is the best possible solution for you, and if I can manage it — by pointing out errors in the arrest or contradictory evidence — everyone is happy.

Second, I seek to have the charges reduced. Prosecutors want convictions, which we reluctantly agree to if it is to a significantly lesser charge.

Third, I look for another choice of penalties. Can the trial be charged in a drug court, or on a deferred prosecution basis? The aim here is to avoid hard time in prison, which can be extremely harmful, and to accept community service, training and therapy as alternatives. You agree to change, and your record remains clean.

Jasper Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends Against All These Charges

I accept criminal defense cases involving a broad range of charges, such as:

  • Traffic violations: DUI/DWI (first and multiple offenses), driving with suspended license, felony DUI, reckless driving, vehicular assault, Breathalyzer refusal or too many speeding tickets
  • Drug offenses: Possession of marijuana, meth or spice, trafficking, manufacturing and prescription drug violations
  • Property crimes: Theft, conversion, damage to property, forgery, shoplifting and arson
  • Violent crimes: Assault and battery, robbery, burglary, manslaughter, murder, weapons offenses or domestic abuse
  • Other crimes: Violation of probation (including failed drug screens), community corrections’ violations, conviction expungement, administrative hearings and restoration of driving privileges

Were You Charged With A Criminal Offense? Now Is The Time To Call.

If you need an attorney here in our region who will stand by you and work through your legal problems, call Timothy Demotte, Attorney at Law, at 812-482-6313 or toll free at 877-617-7814.

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